Thursday, September 30, 2010

History of Rap

I was not expecting this, but after the Emmy's and now this, I have renewed love for Jimmy Fallon.
As for JT, well that goes without saying, he's so cool.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

poopy plastic

Fresh off the splendor of reading bumble girl, boy and baby's interview at Minted, the toon tuesday minted challenge fecal debacle (see previous blog post for reference) got me thinking about...well, poo.

Ever the optimist, I present to you a recent article over at EcoGeek

E. Coli Could Replace Petroleum in Plastic Production

"A biotechnology company based in Boulder, Colorado has discovered a way to engineer E. coli to convert sugar into acrylic acid - a major component in paints, diapers and adhesives - in place of petroleum. This new process produces 75 percent less CO2 emissions than th
e petroleum-based process."

Photo Credit: OPX Biotechnologies

Talk about awesome scientific poo-gress!

Although over at bumble ink we didn't wait for poo technologies to advance in the field of plastic and went straight to corn based biodegradable packaging, here is how I see it:
(I would try to draw a diagram of this poo-cess, but unlike bumble boy, I'm no artist)

Corn needs manure (nee poo) to grow and mature, to eventually be harvested then magically transformed (poo-f!) into earth friendly card packaging. So by rule of transitive poop-erty, we kind of beat the scientists, no?

I wonder if bumble boy could have maybe prevented a few gray hairs, or at least one less exclamatory tear shaped cartoon drop around his head, had he had the right poo-spective.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Interview by Minted

and just wanted to thank Minted one more time for the fun interview!

swagger wagon

brilliant-- how many parents can relate to this?